Story from YTTF, By Benjamin Afuga

About a month ago his first story was posted in this forum after he found a guitar at the back of his car. Forgotten by one of his passengers, the guitar is still with him today. He is calling on anyone who might know someone who forgot his guitar in a taxi to contact him.

But when his story about the forgotten guitar was posted here, some YTTF commentators ridiculed and doubted the driver, saying if it was cash, he would not have asked for the item to be posted on social media.

23 years old Jude Kidomanu is single and from Fuliabu village in West Kwara’ae, Malaita province. Jude attended KG V School and left school in 2018. Last year he enrolled at the USP Centre in Honiara, and at the same time employed as a taxi driver to support his education. He currently joins the Prince Taxi Service, and his call sign is Charlie Six [6].

In an exclusive interview this morning, Jude admitted he loves his job as a taxi driver and respects his job. Importantly Jude said as a taxi driver he respects his passengers and their properties.
“My uttermost responsibility is to respect and care for my passengers and their personal belongings. I have a responsibility to ensure whatever they forget in my car must be returned to them safely”, Kidomanu said.

At around 5:00pm Tuesday 13th October this week, Jude was cruising back Westward when he was stopped by three people opposite Discount Auto Shop at Ranadi.

He picked them and their destination was Point Cruz. Approaching Point Cruz, they asked him to stop at the MP Kwan building and wait for them. The men went for a brief meeting inside the building. After the meeting they came back and instructed him to take them to Pacific Casino Hotel where they disembarked at the front reception area.

As usual after they settled his bill, they got off and young Jude drove off. He drove eastward, turned up the Vura road going up to the Borderline area. But as he was driving up the Kobito Hill, he noticed a yellow envelope on the front seat.

“It was thick and I can tell its content is huge cash. There was even a writing $6,000.00 cash clearly printed on the envelope.

“Straight away I knew it belonged to the passengers I just dropped at Pacific Casino Hotel. There was no second thought about stealing the money. Anyone can just smile and keep the money, knowing very well the passengers don’t even know me because I picked on the roadside. I rebuked that evil thought.

“I have to maintain my uttermost responsibility to care and respect my passengers and their belongings. Without waiting, I went straight back to Pacific Casino Hotel”, Kidomanu explained.

When he drove back to the Hotel, one of them was seen in front the Hotel looking very worried and don’t know what to do.

“Even when I drove in the hotel driveway he still didn’t recognized my car. I have to park and then walked back to him with the envelope before he recognized me.

“It was like a dream come true for him. He was short of words but just keep thanking me and offered me $200.00 but I refused. This man kept insisting so I told him I can only accept $100.00. $100 is enough. It’s not my money, I am only fulfilling my responsibility and duty of care for my passengers’ properties”, he explained.

Kidomanu is single and a SSEC devotee said “little things we do for others can make a difference”, and has a message for both passengers and other fellow taxi drivers.

“Passengers must always call radio operated taxis. This is so that your forgotten properties can be easily tracked and found. However on the other hand, it is the responsibility of passengers to look after their personal belongings.

“Sometimes taxi drivers take the blame for passenger s’ carelessness. There are many honest taxi drivers out there but if they didn’t notice forgotten items, another passenger can pick them but the blame will be on drivers and the taxi service.

“To my other fellow taxi drivers, I have a simple message for you: Please be honest and responsible. Look after your passengers and their belongings”, he said.

He added taxi service is a very important public service therefore those managing and providing the service must maintain responsibility, demonstrate duty of care and respect public users.

“The service we provide helps promote our country in a good or bad way. Therefore taxi drivers need proper training and support to provide a professional service expected by everyone”, Kidomanu added.

So next time you need an honest and reliable taxi driver, why don’t you call Jude Kidomanu on Prince Taxi Service on 29800 or directly to his Mobile phone 7398702.

Always travel safely with an honest, caring and responsible taxi driver!!



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