Wagina needs Youth Empowerment Programs

By, Maverick Peter Seda

With so much Youth initiative reaching some parts of the country, Wagina Youths has always been one of the Youths in the country that hasn’t got a chance to be part of many Youth Initiatives that are implemented throughout the Solomon Islands.

“Our Island, Our Community, Our Youths, needs to be part of any Youth empowerment program, just like Honiara and other provincial youths’ part of it,” Said Ben Aram, a Young Seaweed Farmer in Wagina.

“Our young people are the future of our Island; we have a high population of young people with different mindsets and attitudes.”

“The attitude of consuming illegal alcohol and drugs is one of the major problems which really affects Peace and Security in our community.” Young Aram adds

He further added that with those problems which have now become an issue in their community Youth Authorities or Youth groups should visit Wagina Island and talk with the youths in Wagina.

“I believe if Youth Empowerment programs or initiatives reach us (in Wagina Island) it will change the mindsets and attitudes of our young people.”

“I’m not saying all of our Young are involved in Social issues which caused a disturbance in our community, we have few young people who are also involved in seaweed farming who spend more than 10hrs working on Islands, in their seaweed farms to help our country’s economy.’ Young Aram said.

Ben Aram ended by saying, “But we just need any form of Youth empowerment Program or initiatives.”



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