MAL, MARA signs MoU

By, Lesley Sanga – Rural News

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock early this week signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Malaita government.

The MoU was for the MAL and Malaita provincial government to work together this area to help the people of the province.

Speaking during the signing, Minister Senley Filualea said that he is happy that his Ministry on behave of the national government took this stand to sign this MoU with MARA government.

“The policy of the DCGA government has been refocused onagriculture since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic some 9 months ago it clearly spells out the importance of addressing food security and sustaining livelihoods at this very trying time,” Mr Filualea said.

He added that in response to this, my Ministry has been embarking on various National programs from food security and economic development. We have begun forging Partnerships with private sector and other stakeholdersto commercialize crop and livestock production targeting the domestic and export markets.

“When we talked about Agriculture developments, Land has been one of the big challenge, hindering opportunity for agriculture growth in all provinces and seeks the support of all relevant stakeholders to address this issue which is of vital importance.”

My ministry is of the view that land issues must be negotiated amicably by all parties involved and that this is best dealt with and managed at the provincial level. MAL policy on revitalization of LPC; Before Solomon Islands gained it political independence on 7thJuly 1978, one of the main issues that the founding Legislative Assembly members of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (BSIP) government and the British Government had to negotiate, was what to do with the alienated plantation land owned by absent expatriates after independence.

Minister Filualea said that Malaita has existing and active ones and it is because of this that we witness the signing of the MOU today. The ministry looks forward to working collaboratively to revitalize these LPC’s.
“My ministry has been able to get support from Canada to support revitalization of LPC –currently a team is on the ground now to review and recommend interventions. Malaita LPC’sare in the priority list revival.
The Minister said that his Ministry is committed to the development of Agriculture in the country.

My Ministries Development Programmes, We continue to assist Cocoa, Coconut, Oil palm, Coffee, Kava, Root crops, Tree Crop farmers and processors to enhance and increase productivity. I pleased to inform you that so far for this year 2020,47 seven projects have been approved by the ministries project implementation committee valued at 587,082.00.

In response, Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani said that MARA government is wholeheartedly welcome this engagement and believes that this MoU signing will pave the way forward an important role in the economic development of this province and the country at large.

“Agriculture as we all know is the pillar through which our society survives. Therefore it is an industry that we all related to it than any other sector,” Mr Suidani said.

He added but our society expanded and grows in population we need to expand and grow the way we see agriculture as well and to me the exact thing we are doing now is finding the ways and approaches to work collaborate in agriculture sector to achieve better results.

The Premier further said that Malaita Province is please to say that under MARA government this is the third MOU signed with mother Ministries.

We have signed another historical MoUs with the ministry of Fisheries and Marine Recourses on the Bina Tuna Processing Plant projects and with Ministry of Culture and tourism.

Provincial government is truly an important structure in the governance of Solomon Islands.

He said that our past leaders who were responsible for creating this structure in our governance system believe that governing this country cannot be left for the central government along.

Again so with such MOU is a sign of recognizing us and this is the way forward.

Mr Suidani said that as Malaitans, we are proud of this and looking forward to work together with this according to this MOU.



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