Kava farmers calling for assistance

By, Lesley Sanga – SIRN

More than 10 Kava farmers at Baratalo village in west Kwara’ae, Malaita province are calling on govt to support them with basic tools for farming.

In an interview with SIRN last week they said government needs to do the right thing by assisting real farmers who continue to work hard to maintain the economy of this country.

Speaking on behave of the group, George Oto said that the only thing they need is tools and not cash money from any govt.

“Yes we have been struggling on our own for many years and we believe that it is time that government must step in to help us now,” Mr Oto said.

He said that Baratalo village is very remote and most of the time they dont even see the hands of government reach them.

“We want to make our call to the government and they should visit us and see our real need and make sure to help us now.”

“We only need tools like Bush knives, shavols, forks, brush knives and wheel barrows and we will survive.”

Mr Oto said that today without wasting anymore time waiting for the government, they now moving seriously into Kava farming.

“This is our only hope because like I said we have been left out from government hands for a long time.

Someone of us even dont know what is government because we dont even receive any of them coming to us. The only time we heard about government is during campaign time.”

Mr Oto said that it is time that government must be serious with real people who do the work on the ground rather than listening to people who just make false stories to source money from them.

“Our need is very simple and I hope is very cheap as well too.”

He added that as long as you help us with those tools, we will make our own ways up.

We know how to do it our own ways.



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